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I’m hoping to pick up some good hints from an expert on the quirks of human behaviour, during the coming year. Dan Ariely’s current post is on making decisions, making good things last longer and avoiding the allure of shiny expensive gifts. Having taken the advice of Dan I have already downloaded a cool ‘coin-flip’ app ( to help me make better decisions. There is not much he can teach me about doing lots of different things to extend time and make pleasurable experiences last longer. I plan to take every opportunity that comes my way this year as well as travel to all those places in glossy brochures with airbrushed skies (which reminds me I forgot to check about doing scuba diving courses). As for changing the perception of gifts depending whether they are free or cost a lot of money; if anyone wants to treat me to an all expenses paid holiday at the Banyan Tree or even help carry my bags, I wont protest!


Originally posted on Dan Ariely:

Here’s my Q&A column from the WSJ this week — and if you have any questions for me, just email them to


Dear Dan,

My best buddies and I have a tradition of going on a one-week ski trip once a year. We’ve been doing it for most of the past decade. The idea is that it’s just us guys on the mountain, enjoying the good company and snow. We cherish these moments and can’t wait for the week to arrive every year.

The problem is that once we land at our ski destination, time seems to go by at light speed. The week ends amazingly quickly and when we look back at our time together it seems even shorter. I know that “time flies when you are having fun,” but is there a way to perceive the week as longer?


Given the way you phrased…

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